Our travel health insurance plans are ideal if you are traveling for business or simply spending holidays with your family or friends.

Travel health insurance will financially cover your acute unexpected health expenses during your stay abroad and provide necessary assistance to the maximum limit specified in your insurance plan. General conditions define all aspects of your minimum coverage required under the terms of the Schengen agreement. You can select additional coverings or limits as you desire. Please do not hesitate to ask whatever additional clarification so that we do not have any concerns during your travel and stay abroad.

What are the benefits?

We will compensate for medical assistance and hospitalization due to acute recoverable illness, as determined by the selected insurance plan.

We will compensate all expenses that are the result of a personal accident during your stay abroad up to the limit specified in the selected plan.

We will compensate for funeral expenses outside the territory of Kosovo and to transport the body or ashes, if the person dies during the journey, as determined by the selected insurance plan.

*This insurance is valid only for residents of Kosovo. Specific requirements are analyzed one by one!