Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. With active lives people lead today, it is impossible to predict, but you can be better prepared to deal with them financially when those occur.

Personal accident insurance plans cover cases of physical bodily injury. These plans will provide cover based on the type and benefits offered by the insurance plan.

What are the benefits?

Daily compensation – We will compensate for each day of temporary disability for work, an amount equal to the amount specified in your insurance plan as a result of accident. Compensation is paid for a maximum of 200 days within a year of insurance.

Medical expenses – We will compensate for medical expenses that result from an accident as defined by your insurance plan.

Disability – We will compensate for permanent or partial disability as a result of an accident as defined in the General Conditions and in your insurance plan.

Accidental death – We will compensate the person as set by you as the beneficiary in case of death as a result of an accident as determined in the general conditions and in your insurance plan.