Protecting your property, house or apartment and equipment, your belongings will mean financial security and protection in the event of damage, namely the return of your property to the previous condition. For homeowners or housing, insurance is a key and extremely important element for the safety of your property.

At Dardania home insurance (house or apartment insurance) is designed to provide insurance cover to your property and enable reinstatement of such property to the state prior to the occurrence of damage. Risks covered are: fire, lightning, explosion, collapse of flying objects, vandalism, hail, smoke, storm, snow pressure, burglary, water pipes exit, earthquake, and other perils.

We will give you all the necessary explanations and professional recommendation for the selection of proper insurance cover while you are left to choose the risks that you consider necessary. The product is designed in a way that you can choose insurance coverage and so create an insurance plan according to your needs. Of course, we are there to assist you professionally and recommend a plan we see is necessary for your insurance cover. The final choice remains yours.

The adequate home insurance you may also use with the occasion of making any loan where your mortgage must be secured, and after you purchase home insurance policy you already have this protection.

Details regarding insurance coverage, exclusions, franchising are presented in general terms for insurance. Please do not hesitate to ask questions and seek clarification regarding whatever general conditions.