With health insurance you provide yourself and your family peace of mind. At Dardania, we offer individual or family plans tailored to every need always based on a questionnaire prior to setting the plan and your needs and requirements.

Health insurance plans will cover cases of permanent and partial disability or accidental death or even compensate the costs as a result of medical treatments for illness, maternity, preventive care and additional options and those tailored specifically for you.

What are the benefits?

Hospital treatment (hospitalization) – We will compensate hospital treatment based on the selected insurance plan and that up to 100% of the costs of the hospital stay longer than 24 hours.

Ambulance treatment – We will compensate for ambulatory treatment (outside the hospital) as visits, examinations, medical consultation, diagnostic and laboratory tests, radio examinations, X-ray examinations and treatments, magnetic resonance or CT, day surgery and other relevant services set selected according to your plan of insurance.

Medication (drugs) – We will compensate the costs for medications that are prescribed by a physician, determined by your insurance plan. It should be noted that the costs for drugs used in the case of hospital admission for more than 24 hours, are covered at the rate prescribed under the cover expenses for hospitalization (hospitalization) of your insurance plan.

Maternity – We will compensate the costs of care for the birth of the child, which includes prenatal care, birth and postnatal care, including the costs of a potential caesarean section surgery or gynecological costs, determined by your insurance plan.

Preventive care (preventive) – We will compensate the costs of preventive care, without the need of a doctor’s recommendation, such as a mammogram, a pap test, a prostate examination, routine blood tests and other relevant services determined by your insurance plan.

Other insurance coverage – We will compensate costs for dental treatment, optical lenses or glasses, physiotherapy, hearing aid, ambulance transportation, air ambulance, home care, and other relevant services defined under your health insurance plan.

*Compensation for all covered services except health hospital admission (hospitalization) that is covered 100% directly from the insurance company are made within 15 calendar days from the submission of original documents of the doctor and paid original invoices to the bank or fiscal coupon. Benefits and compensations are limited to the territory of Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but can be extended to territories further based on your requirements and needs.